Welcome to the Green Embrace

Feel perfectly at home with us

each room is a cozy retreat, the outdoors expansively welcoming, and every view breathtaking spectacle, all set against the idyllic backdrop of Lake Klinger

Imagine that familiar longing – stumbling upon a place of breathtaking beauty, only to find it's beyond reach, either not for sale or simply out of your financial grasp. For us, that elusive dream has become a cherished reality. We are now proud custodians of this stunning locale, and it's with great joy that we extend an invitation to share its splendor with you.

In a world where standing out is essential, marketing experts often emphasize uniqueness. For us, this is effortless. Our place naturally exudes an unparalleled charm and distinctiveness.

Robert & Henrieta

Embrace our invitation and let the lush greenery envelop you. Step onto the terrace, encircled by the majestic beauty of diverse mountains. Witness their stunning seasonal transformations, creating a mesmerizing spectacle throughout the year.

Bask in our expansive orchard, basking in sunlight from dawn until dusk, thanks to its southern exposure. Dominated by a grand old walnut tree, this space holds one of our delightful surprises.

Marvel at the ever-changing hues of Lake Klinger's waters. Its colors shift, reflecting the mountains and revealing the lake's depth, offering a mesmerizing backdrop at any time, in any season.

Greet the sunrise with an exclusive morning swim in the tranquil lake. As evening falls, savor a beer on the terrace during sunset, then unwind by a crackling fire, or simply recline on the grass under a star-filled sky, experiencing the profound tranquility of the dark night.

Consider indulging in a unique experience: stargazing from a Jacuzzi nestled among the orchard's trees, even amidst a winter snowscape. Alternatively, relish the comfort of our Finnish and infrared saunas, or arrange for a soothing warm oil massage, enhancing your relaxation.

Comfortable Rooms and Exceptional Service

We take pride in crafting this space. Each year, we delight in unveiling a new surprise for our guests.

Inviting Accommodations

Our guest rooms boast a harmonious blend of soft, earthy hues, fostering a warm, homely ambiance. Each room, characterized by its coziness, cleanliness, and spaciousness, features a private bathroom for your convenience. Our guests frequently express their admiration for the authentic wooden flooring and captivating wall decor, noting how these elements contribute to an instant feeling of comfort and familiarity.

Charming Kitchen

Our shared kitchen space is designed to evoke the warmth and familiarity of home. It provides an ideal setting for guests to comfortably prepare their own breakfast or dinner. It should be noted only a few guests use it, the kitchen remains a convenient space. Our guests regularly praise its comprehensive amenities, including a range of appliances and essential cooking ingredients, often finding themselves pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful setup.

Soothing Wellness Retreat

Our wellness has been designed to offer both a unique and delightful experience. The use of natural clay plaster provides an ideal backdrop, enhanced by the artistic depiction of female silhouettes adorning the walls. For your relaxation and rejuvenation, we offer an array of indulgences including an infrared sauna, a traditional Finnish sauna, an outdoor Jacuzzi, and the option of a soothing oil massage by appointment, all crafted to nurture both body and soul

Lake Klinger at a few steps

The most frequent phrase we hear from our guests is 'incredible genius loci,' reflecting the unique spirit of the place. Nestled within an old orchard, our location offers stunning views of majestic mountains, with the captivating Lake Klinger just steps away, renowned for its vibrantly coloured waters. Despite having been here for several years, we still find ourselves in awe of this setting, feeling a deep sense of gratitude and admiration.

For your enjoyment, we offer

- comfortable, well-furnished rooms

- a homely, fully-equipped kitchen

- spacious terraces with seating and breath taking views

- sheltered areas for shared dining and barbecue

- secured bicycle storage

- free parking

- wifi, TV, satelit

- two outdoor fireplaces for barbecue or goulash cooking

- natural beauty akin to a secluded retreat

- 15 minutes walk to the town

- direct orchard access to the lakeside beach

- private sunbathing space with loungers and a shower

- orchard-located jaccuzzi 

- finnish and infrared sauna

- multiple private nooks within the orchard 

- seasonal organic fruit available for picking

Explore the area

Discover the latest on local history, sports, cultural events, and gastronomy.

We eagerly anticipate your visit

Sad nad Klingerom, Klinger 8, Banská Štiavnica, 969 01
GPS: 48.4524608N, 18.8830114E