All you need to know

Information about the stay

We wish for everyone to feel as comfortable as at home with us. Just as in every household, there are certain rules here for all who use the space.

ENTRY - Please take off your shoes when entering the building. This is to maintain the cleanliness of the floors throughout. If you haven't brought your own slippers, we have some prepared for you. You can find them in the drawers under the window. Just choose your size. 

KEYS - In the door of each room, you will find keys not only for the room but also for the entrance and gate to the facility. Take them with you so that you can get back inside in case of a late return to the room. At the end of your stay, leave them in the door as you found them on arrival. The front door of the main building has a specific locking method. You need to push the handle up firmly before locking, then release it before turning the key to lock. If you are not familiar with this, we are happy to show you.

ROOMS - Your rooms are fully prepared for your comfortable stay. In the dresser, you will find blankets and in the bathroom, in addition to cosmetic items, there's a supply of toilet paper in the bottom drawer. If you plan to spend time by the lake during your visit, we have dark grey towels prepared for this purpose. If you didn't find them in your room, contact us and we'll be happy to provide them. We ask this to ensure the quality towels from the bathrooms are not used outdoors. If you need a hairdryer, you can find it in the entrance hall. In the main building, it's in the drawers under the window in the entrance area, and in the adjacent building on the shoe rack shelf.

WINDOWS - If you leave your room during the day, please check before leaving that the roof windows are closed. We ask this to prevent rainwater from entering in case of sudden rainfall, which would require us to enter your room to close the windows. 

KITCHEN - It is shared and easy to navigate. Don't forget to open the inner drawers when searching for something - they often remain undiscovered :). Store your food either in the refrigerator or in the basket on the shelf marked with your room number. In the main building, there are also three empty drawers to the left of the fridge that you can use. The kitchen is equipped with basic groceries to simplify your meal preparation. Everything you find is at your disposal, including the herbs in the garden. Coffee operates on an honor system here :) Prepare it in the coffee maker and mark a tally for your room. Its consumption will be calculated at your departure. The same system applies in the gazebo with beer, if available.

ECO / WASTE SEPARATION - You will quickly notice that we use ecological concentrates from Amway. There's a reason for this. It stems from our fundamental ecological approach, and we believe you'll appreciate it too. You'll also be pleased to find that we separate waste. The simple rules are easy to follow and instructions are available everywhere. If you produce organic waste, you can find the composter under the garden terraces. We ask you to only dispose of biodegradable waste in the composter. Cooked food leftovers and meat are not suitable as they attract rodents.

WIFI - The strongest signal in the main building is in the common room. In the adjacent building, you can also get it in the rooms. The WiFi is named Klinger and the password is relax123.

GAMES - Board games are available only in the main building, inside the conference tables. Guests from the adjacent building are, of course, welcome to use them.

BARBECUE - If you wish to have a barbecue, we have a portable grill for you. Let us know about your intention and we will prepare the grill for you. However, you will need to provide your own trays and charcoal. 

QUIET TIME - Please observe quiet hours after 10:00 PM in the buildings and be considerate of guests who are in their rooms and wish to rest. 

CAMPFIRE - For roasting over a fire, we have skewers ready for you, and if you fancy making goulash, a kettle is also available. Just contact us.

JACUZZI - needs to be heated in advance. Especially in winter, it takes several hours, so we need to know well in advance if you want to use it. 

SAUNAS - The Finnish sauna takes about 2 hours to heat up, so we also need prior notice. The infrared sauna is ready in 15 minutes.

SUNBATHING RELAXATION - In the orchard, you can also use the paved sunbathing areas with sun loungers and a shower. You will gain privacy, tranquility, and overall comfort, while feeling as if you are lying by the water, as it will always be in sight. Coffee and beer are just a few steps away.

BICYCLES - If you have bicycles with you, you can store them in the storage area and lock them up.

A few more details

WALKING TO TOWN - there are two paths you can take. 

The first - descend the stairs in the garden to the small gate by the lake, turn left and you'll reach the lake's outlet. Right by it starts a nice forest path. Follow this path. It ends by joining a paved road. Here several paths meet, but you need to continue downhill towards the town on a fairly steep, narrow path. You'll have the cemetery on your right hand. At its end, you'll see the Piargska gate, which is the entrance to the historic part of the town. 

The second - from our parking areas, continue further uphill. After about 200m, you'll see a cross and several paths to choose from. Keep going straight in the direction you came from, and the road will start to descend in a curve. Let it guide you to a point where the paved road ends. Then continue as described in the first option.

- From the town, you can use these same paths. If you don't feel like walking, take a taxi. Taxi numbers can be found in the main building at the entrance. If you forget, any restaurant will give you contact details. 

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