Maco Hatala
-October 2023

A great place for relaxation for everyone. 🎊💯👌✅

Zuzanna sasanna - September 2023

I've been to various places, but this orchard has its own unique charm that isn't found elsewhere. Beautifully furnished rooms, a shared room with a fireplace, and a fully equipped kitchen. It's an oasis of peace and relaxation.

Palko Randik - August 2023

Beautiful surroundings, nice rooms, and common areas. The owner is pleasant and helpful. On hot summer days, you can cool off in the lake. I recommend it to everyone. 

Alena Letnická 18th Apríl 2022

Being in Banská Štiavnica and yet not being, when the bustle of the town doesn't appeal to you, that's exactly what Sad nad Klingerom embodies. A beautiful place, kind owners, tastefully furnished and meticulously detailed - both in design and functionality.

Monika Szaboova - 2022

Such a great place crafted for relax.

Martin Stupo - September 2022

From my perspective, the accommodation is suitable for a group of people who occupy the entire facility. I can definitely recommend it. Everything is clean, superbly equipped, with a great approach directly to the buffet at Klinger 🙂 Parking is available at the facility. We were very satisfied. There were some minor issues, but they didn't bother us. The access road is narrow and rough, the room doors lack sound insulation, and the stairs to the lake are steep (which might be a problem for older people). Also, not an issue for us, but in case of heat waves, the lack of air conditioning might be felt.

Jozef Peško - 2022

Beautiful surroundings, the accommodation is like something out of a fairy tale, perfect for clearing your mind and relaxing. Highly recommended.

Igor Kočiš - August 2021

A very nice environment near the Klinger reservoir (which is probably obvious from the name). The owner, Heňa, really excelled with the interior design, which deserves the highest rating. If you walk down the hill, you are right at the reservoir where you can enjoy a great swim. The only drawback is the access, which requires a bit of off-road capability, but most cars can handle it (unless you have a Ferrari, which I wouldn't recommend taking there). There's quite enough parking space, although it's a bit tight, and especially longer cars need to park diagonally, taking up two parking spots. However, this is due to the spatial layout of the entire guesthouse. A plus is the option to sit outside on the terrace. The whole area is situated on a slope, which might not suit everyone. It's suitable for smaller corporate events or family stays for larger groups. The owner, Heňa, is really kind and accommodating

Gabriela Stoklasová 27th September 2020

September 27, 2020 · Beautiful surroundings, kind owners, amazing amenities of the guesthouse, cozy rooms, and complete tranquility. We were very satisfied and definitely recommend this place!

Alexandra Gacevicova - 2020

Heaven on Earth. Beautiful surroundings, lovely atmosphere, truly wonderful owners, stylish accommodation with a sauna and absolute comfort. Surrounded by pristine nature with a lake, and yet within walking distance to the town. Top-notch. 👌

Barbora Panykova 2nd June 2020

Thank you for a magical extended weekend in your orchard, which was the best choice for our special occasion. The accommodation amidst nature with a view of the reservoir was exactly what we needed for relaxation. The option of barbecue and sitting outside under the open sky enhanced the atmosphere of our stay. We will look for an reason to come again and enjoy another family weekend with you.

Patrik Blaho - 2020

If it were possible to give more stars, we certainly would. The owner is very kind and helpful. The accommodation is clean, tastefully decorated, and exceptionally well-equipped (cotton swabs, makeup remover pads, kitchen tools, and basic groceries). We highly recommend this stay.

Vladimir Jezek - 2019

Beautiful, romantic place. The exteriors and interiors are very tastefully decorated, and it's immediately apparent that it's done by someone with heart and attention to detail. A nice fifteen-minute walk to the town (be aware, it's not for weaker walkers, as there are some steep slopes, which for us is a plus, but others might not seek this; good to know). And in the end, a very pleasant resolution to a small problem caused by me. The willingness and friendliness are always appreciated. Definitely recommend it for all romantics. 👌👍.

Alena Kohutova 5th October 2019

October 5, 2019 · Amazing place, pleasant owners... Open the door and you feel at home, I definitely recommend visiting this spot, good everywhere but best in the orchard.. certainly true.

Martina Rímska 25th August 2019

August 25, 2019 · We spent a wonderful weekend here. When someone does their job with love, it is felt in every place. Believe me, we did not want to leave. We are already thinking about when we will return. Thank you.

Erika Gáboríková 25th March 2019

March 25, 2019 · An amazing place with an indescribable atmosphere. Open the door and you feel like you're entering home. A place that compels you to stop and just absorb the nature around you and the birdsong. We were more than satisfied with the accommodation as well as the owner's willingness to help. I appreciate the well-thought-out approach to recycling waste. At times I was even afraid whether I was throwing into the right bin:) I definitely know this was not our last visit. Thank you.

Medicine K

Great hotel! Very friendly staff. The room was cozy, the kitchen beautifully furnished, and we could even have a barbecue. Highly recommended!

Linda Sandtnerová 1st September 2018

September 1, 2018 · An amazing place for relaxation, the reality matches the pictures on the internet, extremely satisfied with our stay, we appreciate the very kind and accommodating approach of the owner and his wife, excellently equipped kitchen, the accommodation is perfectly furnished with taste - we will definitely return and recommend it to our friends, Borosova and family.

Andrea Hrivnakova - 2018

Pleasantly surprised by my other half. Beautiful place, wonderful accommodation with an eye for detail! Friendly staff always willing to help. Excellent kitchen facilities! Gorgeous view from the terrace and a romantic view of the moon from the hot tub. Simply beautiful, clean, and fragrant. Highly recommend and we will definitely return. Thank you, Tomáš and Andrea from Bratislava.

Michal Murgaš - 2018

Good everywhere, but best in the Orchard. And it's true. A beautiful Orchard. The accommodation is located in a fruit orchard above Lake Klinger, on a southern slope. Amazing atmosphere in every season. The lake is great for swimming, whether in summer or winter. Rooms and shared areas are beautiful. 15 minutes walk from the center of BS.

Sarka Grygarova - 2018

Very nice location, ideal for combining sport and cultural relaxation. In both winter and summer. Excellent facilities, pleasant host. Satisfaction.

Beata Bellovicova 18th September 2017

September 18, 2017 · The highest recommendation. A beautiful place, peace, relaxation, cleanliness. Helpful owner and other staff, excellent facilities. ���

Ibolya Vincze 19th August 2017

A szállodából pazar a kilátás a nap minden szakában. A szobák nagyok, kényelmesek. Egy bizonyos skandináv áruház referencia háza lehetne, rendkívül jó ízléssel berendezve. A térerő néha elmegy, de ez is a javára írható. Ár-érték arány kiváló. Három éjszakát szálltunk meg itt, mondhatni, felejthetetlen élmény volt. Ez a hely nem azoknak való akik tévézni és internetezni szeretnének, hanem azoknak, akik csodálni tudják a természet csendjét és szeretnének a jakuzziból ilyen tájképet látni, mint ez a tó és az erdő.